Whereas Nepal, being diverse country with multi ethnic, tribe and culture, is now in the process of institutionalizing federal republic democracy throughvarious democratic movements, experiences  along with modernization and political changes; this includes journey to educational, social and economic transformation through maintaining peace and stability; internalize the fact that the cordial relationship of bond between communities, religious harmony: we Gurung (Tamu) community inside the country and abroad intending to spread holy quotes of Lord Buddhathrough various modern technology, to train Bouddha lama gurus through wang (abhisekh), lung (Aagam) and Thi (Nirdesan) as per MahayanLama Bouddha religious tradition; to make uniform  practice of religious praythat perform during birth to

death related function; to support oninterpretation of Buddha religious mythologies by trained Gurus; to organize interaction programs on"Bouddhareligion based Lama Education" among Bouddha academicians; operate BouddhaReligious Schools for the overall development activities of society through Bouddha's education engaging Bouddha Lama Gurus and in line with Government of Nepal'seducation standard to support educational development of country; conduct service oriented activitiestargeting to underprivileged communitiesfor their better development; an organization named Gurung (Tamu) Lama Bouddha Religion Society, 2071 BS (2014 AD)a non-profitable and non-political organization and statute of the same is hereby framed under Organization Registration Act, 2034 BS ( 1977 AD).

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