Objectives of Society

(a) This Organization shall be a non-profitable, pro-public and social organization.

(b) To bring all Gurung communities inside the country and abroad and make uniform practice of religious pray that perform during birth to death related function;

(c) To spread holy quotes of Lord Buddha and work to create traditional Lama Bouddha script into Gurung (Tamu) Script.

(d) To spread Bouddha religion through wang (abhisekh), lung (Aagam) and Thi (Nirdesan) of Mahayan Lama Bouddha religious by Bouddha Gurus time-to-time at the gurung community; as well as make necessary arrangement of Lama Gurus, where required to promote/protect culture.

(e) To conduct (Bouddha) senior-citizen educational program with taking prior approval from concerned authority.

(f) To support to encourage world to maintain peace by organizing “World Peace Worship” after analyzing it’s necessity and suitability consulting with national and international Bouddha experts ( for development of Bouddha Educational).

(g) To provide effective education to society through synthesis of Bouddha education and modern education.

(h) To support various tribe, religions of Nepal, as per suitability, to extend reciprocal cordial relationship.

(i) To organize various programs to maintain world peace.

(j) To extend appreciationto Lama Gurus those completed their study on Bouddha Philoshophy and got degree of Acharya (Lopon), Lamas those completed Losum Dhasum ( Chham Gufa sadhana) and also other personality those specially contributed for promotion of Boudhha religion as well as award them.

(k) To conduct research on data related to Boudhha religion and carry forward the same effectively.

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